DeMar DeRozan Interview With Chris Haynes.

DeMar DeRozan Interview with Chris Haynes.

DeMar DeRozan opens up about being traded to the Spurs in a candid interview with Chris Haynes of ESPN and we get to see what unfolded and how he felt when he found out he was being traded.

I understand how the game works, how the business works. My mindset was that I was always going to be in Toronto my whole career, but I was never naive. Just let me know. That’s where my frustration came from. And I think it showed. From the fans to even myself — it just caught me completely off guard.

Looks like DeMar DeRozan was just as surprised as the rest of us when he found out he was being traded to the San Antonio Spurs.  He goes on to say how he felt he was treated by Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri.

I felt like I wasn’t treated with what I sacrificed for nine years; with the respect that I thought I deserved. By just giving me the say so of letting me know something’s going on, or it’s a chance. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I wanted. I’m not saying, ‘You don’t have to trade me,’ or … just let me know something is going on because I sacrificed everything. Just let me know. That’s all I asked. Everybody know I’m the most low-maintenance person in the world. Just let me know, so I can prepare myself for whatever my next chapter is, and I didn’t get that.

This Kawhi Leonard trade has affected more than just one player as both Danny Green and  DeMar DeRozan along with Jakob Poeltl were all casualties in this Kawhi drama. But given the way things went down you can bet there will be no love lost when these two teams meet for the first time this season.  If there is one thing we can take away from this is change is hard but once you hear the DeMar DeRozan interview in its entirety you will come away with the same conclusion.   DeMar DeRozan is more of a Spur than Kawhi Leonard could ever hope to be and we should embrace this young man who above else values loyalty and his community.

DeMar DeRozan Interview With Chris Haynes.

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  1. omg KAWHI KAWHI what about Tony PARKER all I hear about is KAWHI im soooo heart broken my #9 PARKER is gone but don’t get me wrong im a SPURS fan even have a spur tattoo but I will get me a #9 Tony Parker Hornets T shirt I will miss him soo at spurs games

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