Manu Ginobili Addresses The Media At The Spurs Practice Facility.

Manu Ginobili Press Conference

Since announcing his retirement from the NBA Manu Ginobili had not officially talked with the local San Antonio media instead he elected to thank the fans and the team through his Twitter account. So it comes as a welcome surprise when the Spurs sent the media a press release yesterday announcing that Manu Ginobili will talk to the media at the Spurs practice facility at 10 AM on Saturday September 15th. Manu Ginobili talked with the media and explained what lead him to make the difficult decision to retire from the NBA. You can see the Manu Ginobili press conference in it’s entirety below.

The Manu Ginobili Press Conference


Photos From The Manu Ginobili Press Conference

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Highlights From The Manu Giobili Press Conference



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