Spurs Held A Team Meeting Asking Kawhi Leonard To Come Back.

Kawhi Leonards Teammates Ask Him To Comeback


Kawhi Leonards Teammates Ask Him To Come Back.

It was revealed by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that on Saturday after the Spurs won against the Minnesota Timberwolves that the Spurs held a  team only meeting asking  Kawhi Leonard to come back.  It was reported the Spurs cleared out the locker room and held a team only meeting that was led by Tony Parker. In the meeting, the players talked with  Kawhi Leonard and told him about their desire to have him back, that they need him and really implored him to come back and play with the team this season.

This report by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN was revealed to be fabricated based on speculation the facts are the Spurs did hold a team meeting on Saturday but nothing went down the way ESPN is reporting it.

Danny Green Calling Out Adrian Wojnarowski

The meeting was a way for the players to try and re-connect with Kawhi Leonard as he is naturally an extrovert and stays to himself and does not talk much. This was also expressed by Manu Ginobili yesterday when he talked with the local media after the Spurs group photo.

Manu Ginobili On Kawhi Leonard

Patty Mills On Kawhi Leonard

We can only hope that the Kawhi Leonards teammates can inspire him to come back before the regular season ends.  The Spurs will need their star player if they hope to make a run deep into the NBA playoffs this season. What are your thoughts Spurs fans? Leave us a comment as we would love to hear from you.



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3 thoughts on “Spurs Held A Team Meeting Asking Kawhi Leonard To Come Back.

  1. I think kawahi should come back because we do need him but also I do understand that he wants to be cautious and make sure he’s 110% ready for next season or when he wants to come back I support KL and the Spurs all my life hope he gets better soon….

    1. I agree with you Noel Castillo and Kawhi Leonard should only come back if he is 100%. The last thing the Spurs need is to rush him back and he get’s hurt again. I still believe in this team and hope they can make a playoff run and surprise some the fans.

  2. Stop the constant pressure on Kawhi. When he’s ready he will come back. All these articles that he wants out and all that crap is to sell stories. Just because he doesn’t chase headlines. Hang in Kawhi!

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