Spurs Vs Raptors Game Recap

Spurs Vs Raptors

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On this all new episode of the Two Shots Podcast we will recap the most highly anticipated game of the year with our special guest Jeff Garcia of News-4 San Antonio. We will also talk about what happened when one Spurs fans got into it with Kawhi Leonard’s mom during the Spurs Vs Raptors game. Find out what the mood was like in both the Spurs and Raptors locker room after the game as Jeff Garcia was there. We will also ask the question? Was this Spurs win over the Raptors a signature win and where will the team go from here?

Spurs Vs Raptors Game Recap With Jeff Garcia


Kawhi Leonard’s Mom Cussing Out A Spurs Fan

Spurs Vs Raptors Game Highlights

I am the lead writer and founder of the 2 Shots Podcast who has been covering the Spurs for over 4 years now. I am a Spurs analyst and also the Co-Host of the Locked On Spurs Podcast for News-4 San Antonio with Jeff Garcia.

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