Spurs Will Be All Right Without Kawhi Leonard.

Spurs Will Be Alright Without Kawhi Leonard.

In a story that broke yesterday, first from San Antonio Express-News beat writer Jabari Young then by Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports claiming that Kawhi Leonard wants to to be traded. Spurs fans were in both a state of shock and confusion.

Jabari Young San Antonio Express-News

Shams Charania Yahoo Sports

It was just reported on June 11th that Coach Pop and Kawhi Leonard were supposed to meet soon and even possibly that same week.

Coach Pop and Kawhi Leonard Rumored To Be Meeting Soon.

What happened between then and now?  Look, Spurs fans, I am not going to feed you more rumors and put videos of events that occurred this past season in an attempt to create more speculation. I am not a four-letter network that starts with E and ends with SPN you can put those letters together for yourself. What I am going to say is simply this, and you know it’s the truth because you all saw and heard the same things last season all over the media. The supposed rumors of a rift between the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard. Let’s be real for a sec.  A lot of things were said that could have been taken out of context.  So what does this all mean?  Well?  When you hear the same things, over and over you can conclude there are some facts buried in all the rumors. You could lose your mind trying to figure out what’s true and what is not?  The reality Spurs fans is this. What if?  Kawhi Leonard really does want to be traded? Does this mean the Spurs will be a below 500 team?  Will the Spurs be in a rebuilding mode? The answer is simply NO! The Spurs have been one of the best organizations in all of professional sports for over 20 years. How quickly Spurs fans forget, that even without Kawhi Leonard most of the season. This team won 47 games and made the playoffs battling through numerous injuries.

Spurs Clutch Plays From The 2017-2018 Season

Top Hustle Plays From The 2017-2018 Season

If Kawhi Leonard wants to be traded that’s Ok, no need to hate the man who helped win the team an NBA title in 2014 and who was also the NBA Finals MVP and two-time DPOY.  Don’t burn jersey’s and use profanity charged social media post to spread a message of hate. You Spurs fans are better than that.  I know this because I have seen it with my own eyes. When we celebrated 5 NBA Championships out on the streets of San Antonio without burning our city to the ground.

Spurs 2014 NBA Finals

Spurs Fans Celebrate Spurs 5th NBA Championship

I leave you with this in closing.  The San Antonio Spurs will be all right without Kawhi Leonard and while the team is no doubt better with him. If the rumors turn out to be true? Trust in the Spurs to make the best possible move for the team not only for the upcoming season but for years to come. This is what happens in today’s NBA and remember it’s a business and you have to look at the big picture. If a player is not happy here why force him to stay? That will only hurt the team in the long run. Look, I am not telling you guys, that you should not be mad, or feel hurt, or even betrayed?  All I am saying is the sun will come up tomorrow and the Spurs will continue winning even without Kawhi Leonard you just got to believe.

I am the lead writer and founder of the 2 Shots Podcast who has been covering the Spurs for over 4 years now. I am a Spurs analyst and also the Co-Host of the Locked On Spurs Podcast for News-4 San Antonio with Jeff Garcia.

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